Coffee Cup Cakes

8 Amazing Coffee Cup Cakes For The Bitter Sweet Cravings

Coffee cup cakes are like a dream come true for the large part of population addicted to coffee and sweets. Now, you can have your coffee and eat it too.

Next time when you see someone biting their coffee cup, remember these delicious coffee cup cakes that we’re going to show you before you brand them crazy. They’re either holding the real thing, or craving it. No matter what, don’t judge them – once you enter the magic world of these cup cakes, they’re all you’re going to be able to think about until you give into your craving.

Now that you’ve been warned, let’s talk about these wonderful coffee cup cakes that make our mouths water.


Check out why we’re mesmerized by the coffee cup cakes!


Coffee cup cakes are, obviously, all about coffee. However, if you are looking to make one of these cakes for a kids’ birthday as a sign of gratitude to the beverage that kept both you and, consequently, your baby alive through the sleepless nights of early motherhood, you can simply cut the coffee out. The symbol will still stand.

Coffee cup cakes are not only a great birthday idea, but they also serve as a perfect dessert choice when you’re throwing a big party and want to impress a bunch of people with a good, tasty cake that everyone will be talking about all night long, keeping tummies full and conversations alive.

However, if you’re not lucky enough to have anyone’s birthday coming soon or a reason good enough to throw a party, then, well, what the heck, make it for yourself! When you see these lovely cup cakes, you won’t need a specific reason to make one!

1- Coffee Cup Cakes


2- Chocolate, cream and coffee


3- A combination made in heaven


4- If you thought there could be nothing better than a cup of coffee in the morning…


5- You’ve obviously never tried these coffee cup cakes


6- Must try!


7- Edible coffee cups


8- Tasty!