Chocolate Easter Eggs

8 Most Amazing Chocolate Easter Eggs For A Fabulous Holiday

These stunning chocolate Easter eggs make us wish for this holiday to come much more often than once a year.

While most of us love Easter for one reason or another, there is one thing about it that unites us all and makes us super excited about it – the   chocolate Easter eggs. And after seeing these decorative chocolate eggs that are probably as delicious as beautiful, you will for sure agree with us that it’s pretty unfair that the Easter season comes so rarely and lasts so short.

Check out these chocolate Easter eggs that are almost too pretty to eat

1- Spring flowers and chocolate – Bettys

This giant Easter egg is a true showpiece in craftsmanship. Decorated with most beautiful sugary spring flowers, this handmade piece of chocolate art contains over five kilograms of dark and milk chocolate. Oh, sweet heavens! This is like a dream coming true.

Chocolate Easter Eggs


2- French Ouef chocolate

This Easter eggs is seriously too beautiful to touch.

Chocolate Easter Eggs–10.html


3- The sailor egg

This cute egg is a great combination of good taste and creativity. Is your sailor coming back home for Easter? These are the chocolate Easter eggs to decorate your table with for a guaranteed smile on his face.

Chocolate Easter Eggs


4- Chocolate Easter eggs art

These hand-painted eggs by Clayton Junior and Claire Scully only contribute to our fascination with Easter and chocolate.

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5- White chocolate egg, Fortum & Mason

If you’re fond of white chocolate and beautiful Easter art, this amazing handmade egg decorated with sugar flowers is the right choice for you.

Chocolate Easter Eggs


6- Victorian egg

This Victorian-inspired chocolate egg consists of 12 kilograms of pure classic English chocolate. Only a thought of it makes our head spin.

Chocolate Easter Eggs


7- The Easter in Wonderland

This incredibly creative Easter collection by Pierre Marcolini features the miniature figurines of The Queen, The Rabbit, The Cat and The Mad Hatter.

Chocolate Easter Eggs


8- Easter bees

This extravagant chocolate beehive makes us totally eggciting about Easter.

Chocolate Easter Eggs