Pretty To Eat

8 Amazing Cakes That Are Too Pretty To Eat

While ‘too pretty to eat‘ might sound like an oxymoron, we’re sure you won’t be thinking that after you’re done with this article. We’re bringing you 8 great cake ideas you should try if you’re feeling creative or have some extra time on your hands and someone very special to cheer up.

We admit, these cakes do take some serious effort and skill (and patience, above all), and there is a risk that once it’s done, no one will want to eat it, because these cakes are literally too pretty to eat. However, we still do think that these cakes are totally worth trying – despite all the time and risk. Seriously, just look at them!

These gorgeous cakes that we find too pretty to eat are just a proof that culinary skills and innovative foods can qualify as a distinctive form of art that feeds all of our senses at once.

Remember, while we all love birthdays, choosing a right birthday gift can sometimes be a real nightmare. So, instead of wasting tons of money and too many days on planning gifts for people you love, make a cake! Because – nothing says ‘I love you’ like a personalized gift consisting of your time, effort, individual touch AND sugar.

8 cakes that are both pretty to look at and pretty to eat

#1 Library cake

This must be (literally) the sweetest library we’ve ever seen.

Pretty To Eat


#2 ‘Up’ cake

Whether you’re a fan or not, you must agree that this cake, inspired by the animated movie ‘Up’ is just miraculous.

Pretty To Eat


#3 Jupiter cake

We can hardly imagine anything prettier than someone presenting us a whole planet on a plate before us for our birthday.


#4 ‘Ice Age’ cake

If your kids are crazy about this cartoon as much as we are, then you know what to do for their birthday.

Pretty To Eat


#5 Camera cake

For every fan of photography.

Pretty To Eat


#6 Minions cake

…because we just can’t get enough of those sweet little yellow creatures!

Pretty To Eat


#7 LEGO cake

This cake that is too pretty to eat is a perfect wedding cake idea for a couple starting to build their life together.

Pretty To Eat


#8 Super Mario cake

Simply too pretty to eat.

Pretty To Eat