amazing birthday cakes

Amazing birthday cakes that will sweep you off your feet

Your birthday is coming or a birthday of your loved one and you simply don’t have the idea what birthday cake to choose. Well, these amazing birthday cakes will impress you with creativity!

Everyone likes nice surprises for a birthday, so a unique birthday cake can be a perfect gift, don’t you think? Some of these cakes will be perfect for children, they are gonna love them! For us, grown-ups, these small pieces of art can be a great gesture from our loved ones. So, let’s see those fabulous cakes!

Amazing birthday cakes for perfect birthdays

Did we already mention how creative they are?! I fell in love instantly with this “library cake”. For every passionate reader out there, this cake would be an absolutely perfect gift! I personally adore libraries, for me there is no better place to be in, so this cake would impress me, for sure!


If you like all the mysteries of the universe, the secrets of the planet Earth and all the other planets and stars in our Solar system, then this “planet cake” is just for you! Incredible how the candyman even succeeded to make the layers in the planet and to portray its realistic look in space! Amazing!

On the outside, the cake looks so real, that you will have the impression of watching some documentary movie about space and cosmos. Incredible!


Did you watch the “Ice Age”? It is one of my favorite movies! We all know the adventures of the little squirrel chasing the acorn! He is the most adorable character in the whole movie. I am sure you laughed yourself to tears watching his restless attempts to store his acorn. Hilarious! So, this cake would certainly make you smile.


Of all these amazing birthday cakes, guys would love the next one, for sure! It looks so real that you just feel that you could grab that bottle of beer and refresh yourself!

And for the girls, the cute house cake will be adorable gift! With all these baloons and so many colors, it will be ideal cake for any birthday!

We all konw how ironing can be a nuissnce, especially in the hot summer days! Sometimes, we just want someone else to do that for us! But this “shirt” cake is so beautiful that we would have to try it!

If you like China and Chinese symbols, this red dragon will sweep you off your feet, for sure! It is amazing!

We hope you like these amazing birthday cakes and that you can pick up some ideas! Happy birthday!