Amal Clooney's style lessons

Amal Clooney’s style lessons – great work wear!

Amal Clooney’s style lessons are something that we can all apply  every day to look and stay glamorous and chick!

What do you think first when you hear the name of Amal Clooney? Of course, adorable George Clooney may come first! The gorgeous, most wanted bachelor out there is finally settled down with this amazing woman.

Her career is impressive: she worked at Sullivan&Cromwell in New York city as part of the Criminal Defense and investigation Group and also at International Court of Justice in Hague. She had some important involvement to a number of commissions of United Nations and she was involved in high-profile cases where she represented Julian Assange and Yulia Tymoshenko. Besides these professional challenges, she was a visiting faculty member with Columbia Law School’s Human Rights Institute. These are only some of her professional engagements.

Not only that she is smart and intelligent, she is also one of the best-styled women with work wear that sets an example every time. She has a perfect taste, not only in men but in a fashion also!


Amal Clooney’s style lessons – work wear of the style icon!


There is no doubt that this woman is an icon of a style! She follows the fashion trends, but not blindly. She carefully combines the best of the modern outfits but staying devoted to the classic, elegant style that says “I am still serious”.

Amal Clooney’s style lessons include trying different styles but adjusting them to the occasion and to the professional role that she is in. When the famous gingham print became popular, Amal managed to wear it using pattern in neutral colors and with classic lines.

There is no better way to break the monotony of the classical black business suit than to use a pinstriped set like Amal Did.  Amal Clooney’s style lessons also involve playing with colors: you can see in the gallery how she  uses different colors of bags to make a contrast to the pastel shades.

Amal is the woman who is brave enough to wear even a cardigan which has a dowdy reputation and to make it a modern part of her style! She knows very well how to make a perfect combination so she can look astonishing but at the same time sophisticated and professional.

You can also check some of the  Amal Clooney’s style lessons: how to neutralize a busy print or how to wear polka-dots remaining seriousness and professionalism. These lessons could be really valuable since you cannot help yourself but wonder: how she manages to be so stylish?