Alex Morgan tips for amazing legs

Alex Morgan tips for amazing legs

Alex Morgan tips for amazing legs? Interested? Well, when tips for perfect legs come from a popular American soccer player, they have to be really good!

Alex Morgan made an astonishing career, won the Olimpic gold medal and becoming the youngest player of the national team at the 2011 FIFA Woman’s World Cup at the age of 22. She made some remarkable results at 2012 when she scored 28 goals and 21 assists and thus became, along with Mia Hamm, the only American women to score 20 goals and collect 20 assists in the same calendar year. In the same year, she was named U.S.Soccer Female Athlete of the Year and was a FIFA World Player of the Year finalist.

The interesting fact about this young, successful woman is that she participated with Simon&Schuster in writing  a middle-grade book series about four soccer players.

Alex Morgan tips – perfect legs with a few tricks

When a woman is a professional soccer player, it must be hard to wear heels and have a perfect pedicure since they are always in sneakers! But, Alex Morgan has a few tricks and it is all about scheduling time so the maximum effect is there! She arranges her schedule in such a way that she doesn’t work out any longer that day after she get her pedicure done. Every woman knows that nail polish needs to rest a little bit in order to stay in perfect shape for weeks. So, if you are a busy woman, arrange your time and devote some extra hours for a perfect pedicure, it’ll be worth it!

Alex Morgan has a really amazing view of what is necessary for perfect legs! She reveals that the secret for having amazing legs is having your body properly nourished with vitamins and minerals. If you are healthy inside it will certainly show outside. Alex’s greatest tip is “Don’t get anemic”! Keep your iron level stable and eat food with a lot of vitamins. Or, at least, take good supplements!

And of course, there are no perfect legs without exercising! Alex Morgan loves Vinyasa yoga! So, if you want amazing legs like her, pick your own exercise style and start a healthy life! The results will be there! In the meantime, take a look at our gallery and have Alexa as a  role model!