I am addicted to you - AG Jeans 6

AG Jeans

Sometimes the hero of an outfit is an excellent pair of denim jeans. I most likely own a million sets (as you’ve seen) yet there’s just a handfull that I consider my BFF. You know, similar to the kind you can gorgeously wear on any day when there’s nothing else to wear? I knew this specific pair from AG Jeans new collection would be a style that I could depend on throughout the entire year.


From Day to Night



I as of late spent the day in Santa Monica shopping, running errands, and getting together with some blogger companions for supper. These jeans were ideal for the event. I like the cropped high-waisted style. It felt extremely 90’s, yet modern meets chic in the meantime. I have longer legs than torso so I adore how the cropped flare style sits. At the point when looking at AG jeans and my own beauty routine, I feel like the ongoing concept between the two is solace. In terms of my make-up routine I’m about looking normal. So I thoroughly feel like when I’m wearing an outfit I like it to compliment that same style. The little rips and tears in the jeans give it a super laid back vibe. This absolutely coordinates my consistently style on the grounds that, that is precisely what I do with my cosmetics I attempt to accomplish that kind of impeccable look without seeming as though I’m making a decent attempt. In other words, effortless. I ran with an agreeable nude strappy heel that was anything but difficult to stroll around in throughout the day with a loose button up that is anything but difficult to move into night.


This is an outfit that I can wear while I’m shooting my next makeup tutorial, circling purchasing cosmetics for my next video, or basically going out with companions. Also, much the same as now and then when I add an intense lip to compliment my cosmetics, I want to include a couple of heels with the jeans. I think it flavors up the look a tiny bit more!