The best honeymoon destinations - Jamaica

4 affordable honeymoon destinations that will amaze you

Your dream finally came true and after your big special day has passed, you can think of some really nice honeymoon destinations that you can go to and enjoy the beginning  of your new life together.  You are with the one you love and you feel like everything is possible!

I am sure that many of you are absolutely convinced that every honeymoon is expensive, but that doesn’t have to be the case! We prepared for you some of the nicest honeymoon destinations that are totally affordable! So, let’s begin:

Honeymoon destinations that are fabulous and inexpensive


1. Jamaica

Jamaica, a beautiful island country situated in the Caribbean Sea has huge all-inclusive resorts which are the perfect bargain for all newly weds! There are great places like Iberostar and Gran Bahia Principe that offer their guests a paradise honeymoon.

If you want something that is even more affordable, try booking at Sandal Resorts. This resort was founded in Jamaica and they offer many incentives, such as spa credits, free nights and rates that are 65 percent less than the newer resorts.

2. Thailand

If you like exotic places, this will be a dream place for you. Thailand is a magnificent country and exotic paradises like Phuket and Ko Samui will amaze you. You will be even more surprised to find out that prices sometimes seem like they are too good to be true. Due to fierce competition between hotels, the room prices fell down, so take an opportunity and visit this wonderful place.

3. Honolulu, Hawaii

Another gorgeous destination is Honolulu! There are plenty of attractions like Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head Crater and the Banzai Pipeline Surf Break. Hotel rates are available to fit every budget, since there are many hotels in the area. Hawaii is a perfect choice for getting that exotic feeling and not going too far!

4. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If you want a peaceful place surrounded by mountains and forest then Jackson valley is the perfect choice for you! Tucked away between Grand Taton National Park and miles of national forest it is a dream place for relaxing from hectic wedding event and family and friends! If you are up for all sorts of activities, ski resorts provide many! So, you can combine peaceful staying or finding something that interests you!

We hope we gave you some interesting ideas for your honeymoon! Take a look at these amazing honeymoon destinations!