wool animals

Adorable wool animals that will melt your heart

Wool animals, what’s that? These are miniature pieces of art that Russian artist Tatyana Barakova creates. They are so realistic that you can almost touch the real, little elephant or a panda.

You cannot help yourself but wonder: what is the limit of human creativity? Where is the thin edge where the art ends and where the life itself begins? When the true artists are in question, it is almost impossible to give the answer. Their art resembles the real life but brings the whole another dimension to it: the dimension of beauty and illusion. Because, every art is partially an illusion, the embellished version of every dream and life itself.

It is a dimension that lures people’s inner desire for observing something beautiful. Besides that, art is there to provoke! It either provokes the feelings or the opinions. In any case, the only thing that it is not possible when the true art is in question is to stay indifferent.

Wool animals – the art that will awake the long forgotten feelings of joy

That’s why Tatyana Barakova is a true artist: you cannot stay indifferent to her gorgeous creations of wool animals. She uses 100% sheep wool to make her toys and she adds the glass eyes as a final touch. This job is quite demanding, it takes up to two weeks to finish one toy. But, when it is finished, it is a true heart melting creation.

Her animals are so cute that you just wish you were a child again! She magically succeeds in making facial expression of her toys so adorable that you just have to stop and say “oooh”!  I can imagine that these toys would be an absolutely perfect gift for any child out there!

So, we wouldn’t say anything any more, take a look into our gallery and try not to be melted in cuteness!