adorable sleepers

Adorable sleepers in the land of dreams

Meet the adorable sleepers in the land of dreams!

And those are not the ordinary sleepers! Adorable sleepers that you are about to see are fluffy fur balls that happen to fall asleep in the most unusual places! Which make them even cuter! Ok, some of them have spines and funny habit  for special sleep spots. And some of these gorgeous little fellows can steal your shoes for their happy dreams! How cute is that?

You may find some of these adorable sleepers on your shelf, perhaps? Or on a gear stick? Who knows, those sleeping souls choose some special places for hiding and surprising. By looking at them, you cannot help yourself but wonder: what their dreams are all about? Some spicy, delicious bone or a can of Friskies?

Or maybe even you throwing a ball and calling their name? Take a look at the gallery and see what owners of these little adorable sleepers had captured with their camera.

Adorable sleepers – pets can heal humans with their energy

A man has alway been connected with animals. It is  proven that animals, especially dogs with their energy can heal people. The connection of a man with his pets is more then just owner-pet relationship: it is the bond of unconditional love and friendship, a healing relation where a man gets back to his roots and to nature. Overwhelmed by problems, obligations and duties, busy life and busy days, we often forget to slow down and look around ourselves. There are so many things that can put a smile on our faces and sometimes the smile is just enough!

We must look for the balance in life, and with these little souls, we find not only pure joy and happiness but also peace and reconnecting with our true nature. And sometimes we find a laughter so hard, that we burst into tears watching some funny scenes and adventures of our funny pets.

Look at our photos and smile, smile! Sometimes it’s only that it takes to be happy!