i am addicted to you 11 Impossibly Cute Kitten-Inspired Nail Art Looks to Try 1 -

Adorable new kitten inspired nail art ideas

Everyone loves kittens, and nail art is just so fun to do and looks absolutely amazing! So, why wouldn’t you combine these two and create adorable nail art inspired with kittens? In this article we will give you a few tips and tricks on doing just so, and tell you which nail artist has the best designs on their Instagram profile.


@jamberry is one such Instagram profile. You will learn a lot about nail designs there, and of course it features a lot of cat based designs as well. Their nails tend to be decorated in minimalistic fashion, with a few prime colors and a lot of fun, ingenious design.



@sensationails4u keeps it chic, with plenty of trendy nail designs. A small chat noire inspired black cat on a field of yellow is especially attractive, follow them on Instagram and learn how to do the same piece of nail art yourself.

@cyncsalon specializes in cute kitten designs. Their tiny sweet cats are often on a field of pink and light blue, ideal if you’re going for a girly, cutesy look.



@vanityprojects lives and breathes elegance. If you ever wanted to freshen up your formal business combination with a fun and light-hearted accessories, this Instagram profile is perfect for you. They give amazing tutorials and you will master the art of kitten nail art in no time!



@badgirlnails will make your nails look sexy and edgy. If you’re still into Halloween spirit find this page on Instagram and learn how to draw black cats on your nails €“ you’ll look amazing.
Your friends will likely as you what manicure you’re using after they see the nails you’ve done using tutorials from these Instagram profiles. They all look professional and feature cute ca inspired nail art €“ follow them and learn how to do it yourself!