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Adorable Cat Helmets For Cool Biker Girls

These adorable cat helmets are a real discovery and a true refreshment in a man dominated sport and hobby, such as motorbiking.  Produced by a Russian company called Nitrinos Motostudio, , these cute feline helmets featuring meow  ears come in twelve different designs.

Nitrinos cat helmets – for trendy, stylish girls

Hence, badass, cat loving lady bikers may choose between single color helmets and those made in various modern tones, like a cotton-candy topper. These sweet Neko helmets also come in printed patterns and can, based on your taste, be purchased in a glossy or matte version. The helmets’ prices range from US$495 to $590, based on the coloring. However, these super adorable cat helmets can also be customized according to the customers special desires.

While the designs of these adorable cat helmets really do look amazing, their designers didn’t settle only for the good aesthetic presentation. Aiming for the pure perfection, they put a strong accent on comfort, creating helmets with double ventilation and polyester lining that can be removed. Based on a picture or a drawing you provide, your individualized helmet can look whatever you want it to look like.

These adorable cat helmets come in all popular sizes, from XS to XL. Each one of them features a single light protective visor and a folding sun-visor. All the helmets come with a fiberglass pair of cat themed ears that are securely fixed to the body of the helmet, and that are in a case of an accident destroyed with no danger. Also, the ears are designed in a way that does not generate any additional resistance at high speeds.

Thanks to these adorable cat helmets, now you can finally be both safe and fancy while riding your motorbike. They are so extraordinarily stunning that with one like this on your head, you’d probably be stopping traffic. Take a look at these amazing helmets at our gallery!

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