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What happened to actress Mischa Barton?

Mischa Barton was very famous by her role as  Marissa Cooper in O.C. After she stopped acting in O.C. because her character has died she went only downhill. In 2008 she was caught under the influence driving through Beverly Hills. She was charged for marijuana possession. She got 3 month  unsupervised probation,  3 month Alcohol Education class and 2000$ penalty.  Bad reputation went viral very fast. Of course! Media is just waiting something to happen so they can immediately give it to public. Plus add some things. Anyway, she got a reputation as a bad teen, at the age of 22. Alongside  Lindsey Lohan at that time.

Mischa Barton

In 2009., she had a nerve breakdown, she was subjected to many accusations and media was full of different stories and photos of her, mostly partying.


Further life of Mischa Barton



After she recovered a bit, she has been acting in some movies, no one actually saw. So she kind of worked but she picked wrong roles and she was not noticeable.

Mischa Barton



Mischa rejected to be part of a reunion of O.C. Most of the actors were happy because it was the 10th anniversary but not Mischa. As she said at the time, it didn’t catch her attention and she didn’t want to go back to some old habits. Anyway, without her there was no reunion. Creator Josh Schwartz said that he will have them all or non. So he didn’t want start anything without her as one of most important actresses in O.C.



Personal drama with a lawsuit she had with her mother! There are different rumors about that so we will not stick our noses into this part.

Mischa Barton



There are some rumors she got a chance to be part of some TV show but it is not defined yet. However, as an ex addict and someone who is clean for some time now, she is ready to start all over again. But she should choose smartly this time where and for whom she will be working.