Active8 Project – Innovative Solution Set To Boost Your Productivity

The Active8 project is a perfect technology solution designed to make your fitness struggles more rhythmic, cheerful and satisfying.

Everyone who exercises on a regular basis knows about the motivating power of music when it comes to sweating on the treadmill. And everyone belonging to this category also knows of the pains of using your phone to play music while working out. Having to deal with long, knotty headphone cords while leaking sweat can be a true nightmare.

The Active8 project has been created to help you reach your fitness goals without risking your life by changing a tune on your phone while running on the treadmill. The fruit of this innovative Active8 project is a product that combines three features: an automatic activity tracker, a sleep quality monitoring system and a Bluetooth-enabled music player. All this in the form of a small, light-weight slap-on wrist band.

The Active8 project helps you stay active, motivated and entertained – all at once!

The Active8 project is ultimately practical and easy to use – having included a Bluetooth Music Player, it lets you enjoy any content you desire – from music to audio books, played directly from your little wrist device – all that totally wire-free. The Active8 comes together with a pair of wireless headphones that can stay paired with two devices at once – for example, an Active8 and your phone. It also has 4GB of storage, letting you carry all the important files with you, secured around your wrist.

The Active8 project didn’t forget to include the ‘Buddy Sync’ option either – a real-time playback of music on two different headphones. The product tracks your active minutes, burned calories and counts your steps. Also, by monitoring your sleep it helps you assess its quality and compare it to your set sleep goals.

Additionally, the Active8 features a superb design – it’s thin, light, flexible and waterproof. It’s very comfortable and quick to wear –   thanks to its slap-on design.