I am addicted to you - A History, Fashion And Time Of Skinny Jeans 5

A History, Fashion And Time Of Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are part of every one of ladies’ essentials and scarcely anybody leaves the house not wearing one. If we think back, the story wasn’t precisely the same. Skinny jeans weren’t precisely an absolute necessity have in a lady’s closet. In the most recent 100 years we have seen the advancement of skinny jeans in such a large number of cuts.


The video traces back the Fashion And Time Of Skinny Jeans , from the year 1915 till 2015. In 1915, skinny fit jeans were considered as men’s dress. Ladies began wearing the slim fit jeans yet just for exercises like games or any physical task. The 1970s time is another time where men and ladies could truly share garments and was also called the punk development. Before the century’s over, it was clear that skinny fit jeans arrived to remain. In the 80s, denim was more about surprise, patched, acid washed and stuck. Come 2015, and we discover skinny jeans in each fit, wash and shading.

Are skinny jeans going to keep focused more years or is it a superb end to it?