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A Highlighted Skin Without Using a Highlighter Here are 5 Brilliant Ways To Achieve That


Lip gloss

Clear and shining lip balms are as complimentary to highlighting your face as anything that is actually meant for highlighting. Pat a flexible balm onto the tops of your cheekbones for a dimensional effect that glows when light hits it, or do the same with a gleaming, reflective gloss. This secret technique is unmatchable when it comes to getting a radiant and bright effect on your skin but do keep in mind that it can get a little sticky so use it when you are wearing your hair up.


Many women have often asked me the difference between a powder or cream highlighter and an eyeshadow in the same shade. My answer has always been €˜Nothing’. We usually can’t find the right highlighter shade for our skin. To overcome these problems just find the shade in any eyeshadow. There are many different colors which act as perfect highlighters.


Choosing and applying moisturizers is a difficult task. It can make your skin shimmer in all the wrong places if used wrong. But if it’s used on the high points of the face, it unexpectedly gives you a whole new look. You only need to apply a little amount to get your skin to shine. As the last step in your makeup routine, top your foundation or concealer with  a tiny bit of moisturizer  by dubbing it onto your cheekbones and anywhere else you want dewiness. This will keep your skin highlighted and moisturized.


Concealers have often turned out to be too light for our skins. But if used rightly you can actually make it work as a satiny matte highlighter. Yes they won’t contain that shine but colors lighter than your skin can give the same effect with only natural and refreshing looks. Any concealer formula can be used to achieve this effect but keep in mind to use it very efficiently and blend the concealer into your skin properly.
If put on top of your makeup, a silicone-based primer will give your skin a very smooth and soft