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I am addicted to you - A GOOD DATE 1



I was happy with my love life. Sure, it wasn’t like €œThe Notebook, € but it wasn’t bad, either. I was seeing couple hot, young men, and nobody was stoling my heart and slashing it into a million pieces. I felt like I was doing something right.

But when I went on a real, bonafide date €” with a real, bonafide nice guy €” that I realized something: The reasons I had for being okay with the hookup culture were also reasons for why it really f*cking BLOWS.


I’ll be honest: I wasn’t crazy about Date Guy. We saw each other for a couple of months, and things collapsed after that.


But on that first date, he did something amazing for me, and I’m forever thankful €” he raised my bar for romantic expectations.


All it took was one nice date to assure me that the culture I had blindly accepted just wasn’t good enough for my expectations.


All it takes is one serious talk   to make you laugh at all your drunken heart-to-hearts.

Six tequila shots had you assured that it would be a good idea to tell this virtual stranger all about your cheating ex. That’s all fperfect and good €” until you find the bravness to soberly open up to someone you actually like.


And than you see all of those €œheart-to-hearts € for what they really were: drunk TMI.


Inviting you to €œNetflix and chill € is NOT a date. But a true date is hard to catch these days, so we take what we can get and hope for the best.


That is, until a guy really invites you to a movie outside of his own bedroom €” and he kindly holds your hand instead of not-so-easy pushing your head toward his scrotum.


All it takes is one goodnight kiss to get you over all the average lays.

People don’t kiss goodnight anymore. They have sex. And, more often than not, the f*cking is honestly pretty awful.This doesn’t stop you from feeling bad when this virtual stranger with below-average bedroom skills doesn’t call you the next day.


That is, until you meet someone who isn’t in a hurry and is good with a kiss. This guy knows he’ll have what he wants at the end; he’s just not in ahurry to start and end your love story all in one night.


He doesn’t even have to be The One. He just has to be a little bit better than all of the others before.


This date gives you a slight of hope for more similar dates in the future €” whether with him or maybe somebody.You start to believe romance might still be alive.


All it takes is one good feeling to make you realize how dazed you were.


A couple of   good old-fashioned butterflies are all you need to forget the guys who didn’t make you feel anything.


All you need is one €œgood morning € text to make you forget the 2 am €œu up? € text.


We’re absorbed in a sea of guys trying to complete their nights inside of us. The only lifeline we need is a guy who proposes a sober date in the sun.


All it takes is one romantic walk to put an end to the walks of shame.

The walk of shame has become an art. Send your besties some €œsave me € Snapchats in a unknown guy’s bed, leave him a nice note while he’s still asleep, and proudly walk home looking like a hooker. This isn’t ideal, but you’re ok with it.


That is €¦ until now, when you meet the guy who insists he will walk you home. And then you remember your hands are worth holding and your company is worth keeping.