Growing Long Hair

A Few Simple Tricks For Growing Long Hair

Growing long hair can be a long and sometimes frustrating process, but remember, patience is your friend. Hair cannot grow overnight. However, what you can do to speed up the whole process a little, and help your hair grow out healthy, is stick with these few simple routines.

Hard to believe, but in the seemingly never-ending process of growing long hair, scissors are your ally, too. If you trim the ends on a regular basis, you will prevent extreme splits and avoid major cuts.

You should also use the conditioner at every hair washing, which helps to replace the lipids inside your hair structure and provides it with proteins. The conditioner will prevent damages and help your hair to be healthier.

What you shouldn’t use at every washing, though, is shampoo! Skip the shampoo as often as you can, say the hair professionals. While shampoo helps to wash away the dirt and other hair products remains, it can also take away the essential oils from your scalp – the natural oils that are crucial to keeping your hair healthy and soft.

Applying a hair mask and oils (like coconut oil, macadamia, almond and jojoba oil) once a week can help filling the strands of your hair with the necessary fatty acids.

Next thing that you need to pay attention to while growing long hair is brushing. Too much brushing can physically harm your hair. You want to make sure that you do it gently, starting by detangling the bottoms, and only then working your way up.

Embracing a few simple habits can help you while growing long hair

Another useful tip is to switch your cotton pillowcase for a softer sateen fabric, which will decrease a number of tangles. Also, ditch the towel after washing, for it causes breakage, and use cold water at the end of each shower, even for a minute, because it helps prevent moisture loss and heat damages.