I am addicted to you - A Close Look at Mark Cross’s Resort 2016 Bag Collection 1

A Close Look at Mark Cross Resort 2016 Bag Collection

A couple of weeks back, we had the joy of getting a sneak look at the Mark Cross Resort 2016 collection, and today, we have a few photographs of the beautiful bags to light up your Monday. You can expect a great deal of the brand’s fantastic shapes, rendered in new shades and exotics, in addition to new forms of the well known Grace Box Bag.


I am addicted to you - A Close Look at Mark Cross's Resort 2016 Bag Collection 3

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These bags are a bit less courageous than in seasons’ past, however it appears as though that is on the grounds that the brand has hit its stride; the colors and finishes feel modern and make a decent balance with the customary shapes, yet they’re not almost as forceful as the Moschinos or Charlotte Olympias of the world. (What’s more, they don’t should be.)





My yearning to claim one of the Grace bags has not dropped off one bit, and the yellow and blue python option may have really aggravated it. Look at all of our photographs from the designer’s showroom below.