The Story Of This Beautiful

Hear The Story Of This Beautiful Nigerian, Olajumoke Orisaguna

The story of this beautiful Nigerian woman put a smile on our face, and seeing her genuinely lovely smile on the cover of a magazine, made ours even wider. Why, you may be wondering. Well,   Olajumoke Orisaguna is not your typical model and her story is not a usual one.

The story of this beautiful woman is truly heartwarming and begins with an English musician’s, whose name is Tinie Tempah, recent travel to his parent’s homeland – Nigeria. While in Nigeria, he participated in a photo shoot with Ty Bello, a Nigerian singer and photographer. During the street photo shoot, someone just elegantly walked into the picture, by total accident – a female local bread seller.

What happened next is that, while checking her work afterwards, Bello was so impressed by this woman’s captivating grace on the photograph, that she took to Instagram to track her down, offering her a modeling career. And, finally, the mysterious woman was found.

The story of this beautiful street seller turned model, is unbelievably touching and beautiful

Her name is Olajumoke Orisaguna and she’s a married 27-year old mother of two young children, who turned to selling bread on the street to earn enough for her family. After they got together, Bello put Olajumoke again in front of the lens of her camera, taking strikingly beautiful photos of the Nigerian.

To ready the young woman for the photo shoot, Bello got help from one of the Nigeria’s most prominent makeup artists, Bimpe Onakoya, and one of her favorite hair stylists, Zubby. However, Orisaguna didn’t need any more than the minimal makeup, and with some curly extensions, she simply looked flawless.

When she stepped out and took a place in front of the camera, Bello knew that she had found a star.

Now that you know the story of this beautiful bread seller, we invite you to see the photos and tell if Bello was right.