I am addicted to youn - 80's Kid 11

80’s Kid

Great morning everybody! Following a practically restless night as a result of an unending schedule €“ and imperative gatherings on today’s timetable €“ I need to sharie a straightforward yet extremely cool 80’s look with you €¦



You never turn out badly with a basic white tee and a couple of jeans! This time I’ve consolidated my super comfortable mom jeans with studded pumps and some pink lipstick. You know, I’m a late 80’s kid (1988) and some way or another I was in the mood to wear this men-repelling outfit




As I type this, my rib cage is resting on the waistband of my jeans. Skinny jeans are dying. Mom jeans are back. Thighs are out. Waists are in. Goodbye, blown-out spandex crotches. Hello, beautifully-frayed, mid-weight, all-cotton denim. There are some who argue the return of mom jeans marks the death of alt youth culture, as One Percent Teens joyously (but somehow still ironically) wear them to celebrate their oppression of the proletariat. Okay, only The Baffler argues that. But even so: Do not be afraid. Mom jeans are a good thing.


What are mom jeans? The better question is: What was the mom jean? Twenty years ago, they were just the jeans that were fashionable at the moment €”light blue wash, waistband near the natural waist, and 100 percent cotton. They began disappearing from malls in the late ’90s, the Britney Spears low-rise flares era. And then in May 2003, unfashionable denim was turned into something special, when Saturday Night Live aired its famous ad for Mom Jeans.