Slip Dress

8 Ways To Rock A Slip Dress Like A Celebrity

It’s time to get a slip dress and wear it like a star – not only because the weather’s getting warm and nice, but also because the lingerie-inspired outwear is one of the biggest hits this year that you simply can’t miss.

And if you thought that looking like you just woke up and resembling a glamorous diva at the same time was abhorrent and impossible, we’re glad to prove you wrong.

While many of us girls disagree, or perhaps even find it absurd, the fact is that many, many men find the morning look on their darlings incredibly attractive and desirable. Whoever brought the slip dresses back, knew this. However, if this is not an enough convincing reason for you to sport a slip dress, or if you feel like this trend has no way of pushing itself to your favorites, well, then you obviously haven’t considered your body being wrapped in that, oh, so heavenly fabric! The mere thought of the soft material makes our skin craving for it.

Slip into a slip dress to feel like a diva

The days when a slip dress was reserved only for the bedrooms are long passed. Now we can’t imagine a more elegant way to make your evening look more memorable than slipping into a slip dress, smooth, soft and flowing. There are plenty to choose from – from maxi slip dresses that can be worn like party gowns to mini slip dresses if you’re aiming for the sex appeal. Choosing darker shades is guaranteed to provide you with a vibrant, eye-catching look while the lighter shades will adorn you with the touch of gentle romanticism and silky elegance.

To find an inspiration for fitting a slip dress into your style and make your dressy occasions unforgettable, check out these amazing celebrity looks.

#1 Wear a slip dress for a stunning evening look – outside the house!


#2 Candice Swanepoel in a long purple dress


#3 White maxi slip dress


#4 Beautiful Rihanna wearing a short dress and latex boots


#5 Dakota Johnson like a modern princess


#6 Amber Heard in warm tones


#7 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looking glamorous in a slip dress


#8 Mini black slip dress