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8 Perfect Workout Outfits from Alessandra Ambrosio in 2016

The Super Model: Alessandra Ambrosio Fitness Outfeet!

What do you first have in mind when Alessandra Ambrosio is mentioned? It is certainly her stunning beauty and perfectly shaped body that we all desire to have!

We are aware of these familiar moments of deciding that we should exercise more and become fit by the summer time. Some of us regularly make NewYear resolution of spending more time at the gym, living a healthier life and exercising more. Alessandra Ambrosio can certainly be the role model for all of us, not only for her obvious results in the gym but also for her impeccable taste in workout outfits.

For all of us who want to look fabulous but sometimes lack the motivation to leave sweat and tears in the gym, the workout outfits of Alessandra Ambrosio can be a real stimulation! That gorgeous workout outfits can give us the boost to hit the gym more regularly.

When she doesn’t walk a runaway or attend red carpet events, Alessandra Ambrosio is devoted to healthy lifestyles. You can check out her impressive fitness wardrobe in our gallery. Some of her favorite combinations are city sweatshirt and black pants with detailing that combines two colors that never go out of fashion, white and black. On the second picture, you can see a bolder  combination of workout outfits with unitard tank top. This outfit is perfect for the girls that are already fit, but for those of us that need more exercise, it could be a motivating aim to achieve.

For girls who like colors and want to be trendy, the third combination of Alessandra Ambrosio’s workout outfits can be a perfect match! Pants with lively, vivid colors combined with white sweatshirt can be the combination for you! If you like the fashion that brings also the symbols and some deeper meaning, the fourth combination will be a way to go. The symbol that Alessandra Ambrosio wears on her sweatshirt is a symbol of yin and yang, the opposite forces in nature that don’t exclude but complement and interconnect with each other.

The fifth combination, due to the darker colors, can be the first choice for girls that have some extra pounds. Dark colors visually  make the figure looks thinner. This cosmic pants will be great on you!

You can choose the funny tea shirts with sayings and tee-purple leggings like Alessandra. If you are already fit and want to brag with your figure, you can choose from her white combination workout outfits, but be careful! White is the color that makes the figure looks wider. It can be a perfect fit for the skinny girls.

The last combination will be ideal for the girls that have imperfections in their midriff area. Few extra pounds will be perfectly hidden with the workout outfits that combine short sleeved sweatshirts like this that Alessandra Ambrosio wore.

Ok, girls, let’s face it! Most of us won’t be the next Victoria Secret’s angels or look like Alessandra Ambrosio, but we can do our best to be and stay fit and to become the best version of ourselves. Those workout outfits that you saw can be the additional motivation for you to exercise more. The first motivation can come from this wonderful feeling of being healthy and fit!