living with your partner

8 good reasons why you should be living with your partner

Love is the most amazing thing on Earth, but, for some reason, living with your partner, or deciding to live with your partner, can be a little bit scary decision!

Maybe you are scared of commitment or still have some wounds from the past. However, living with someone you love is a wonderful experience. Ok, it requires a little bit of work to last a long time, but everything in life requires the same, doesn’t it?


8 reasons why you should be living with your partner


  1. All-in-1

Living with your partner means that there’s always someone waiting for you to come home so they can plant a kiss on your cheek after a long and tiring day. Luckily for you, that person is not only your roommate but also your lover and your best friend, all in one.

living with your partner


  1. Cooking for two

How many times, alone at home, did you decide against cooking and had a delivery guy bring you pizza – simply because cooking for one is not fun?

living with your partner


  1. Ran out of the toilet paper?

Text your beloved one and, if he’s romantic enough, he’ll be bringing it along with a bouquet of flowers.

living with your partner


  1. Beauty is in the details

Living with your partner allows you to discover all those intimate, fun little things that otherwise you may not.

living with your partner


  1. Duties division

Splitting all the housework in two does sound like heaven. Men can do it also!

Living with your partner


  1. Partners in crime

Whether you’re staying in for the night, eating a bunch of fast food or watching horror movies, you’ll have you guy sitting next to you, with no judgement in his eyes and holding your hand.

living with your partner


  1. Turning a house into a home – together!

Living with your partner gives you a chance of decorating the house together – by putting   individual tastes and efforts into a common harmonious nest where you both feel safe and warm.

living with your partner

  1. Till death do us part

living with your partner


Living with your partner is like a trial – it provides you with an opportunity to view your chosen one from all the angles and perspectives, to learn all their little secrets, habits, good and bad sides – and consequently, helps you decide whether he is or not the one you want to be spending the rest of life with.