Fat Burning Foods

8 Fat Burning Foods You Should Stock Up On Right Now

Fat burning foods are the proof that you can still be enjoying your meals while trying to get rid of the extra weight. Knowing that there are foods out there that will actually work for you, we hope that this list will encourage you to fill your plate wisely.

Fat burning foods are the magical foods that can spike your metabolism, trigger the fat releasing hormones and eliminate the toxins that make it difficult for your body to lose the unwanted pounds. However, while it does sound almost too good to be true – don’t get overly optimistic. To get the best out of the fat burning foods, they must be incorporated into a clean diet, not chips and burgers.

Check out what are the fat burning foods to help you lose weight


This delicious veggie is the most nutrient-dense food in the world – and as if that’s not enough, it also suppresses the appetite and helps detoxify your body.



Brocolli rabe

It has the (super)power of stimulating the enzyme in charge of making your fat cells burn fat. How cool is that!

Fat Burning Foods



Avocado is one of the most popular and most efficient fat burning foods while it also boosts the metabolism by protecting the cell parts that are in charge of producing energy.

Fat Burning Foods


Brazil nuts

Looking for a healthy snack? Take some Brazil nuts – for these little fat-burners will boost your metabolism and chase away the toxins that help to store cellulite.

Fat Burning Foods


Chia seeds

Seeds which are full of omega-3 fats, protein and fiber, help suppress the appetite and activate glucagon – one of the fat-burning hormones.

Fat Burning Foods


Wild salmon meat

Consuming wild salmon meat on a regular basis helps you get rid of the belly fat, improves the insulin sensitivity and helps speed up your metabolism.

Fat Burning Foods



Low in calories and decreasing appetite, they are your perfect choice for a dinner outside.

Fat Burning Foods



It doesn’t only smell so heavenly – it comes in pretty handy when your body burns the fats. Spoiler: cinnamon buns don’t count!

Fat Burning Foods