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7 Tricks To Save You From Tangles Forever

Saving your hair and nerves from tangles forever seems like an impossible dream, but the truth is – there are only a few simple tricks between you and the smooth hair that doesn’t make you miserable on a sleepy weekday morning.

All of us, girls, despite the length of our hair, know how dreadful tangles can be. At least once in a lifetime, we found ourselves challenged, with scissors in our hands, to cut away those tangled locks resembling a birds nest.

It’s time to end the suffering with the 5 easy tricks that will save you from tangles forever

To save yourself from tangles forever, start with changing a few simple routines. For example, stop stepping into a warm misty shower when your hair is already tangled – water will only make the brushing more difficult. And be easy on the shampoo, because shampoo in big amounts will only help dry out the strands of your hair and make them more tangible. On the other side, the conditioner is your friend. Never forget the conditioner.

Keep in mind that the post-shower hair is even more delicate and that you have to pay special care running a comb through it, for the wet hair is more prone to tear and damage.

Introducing a few small changes to your styling habits can also help saving you from tangles forever. Believe it or not, even blowing a hairdryer in the wrong direction can trigger the making of knots and this is why you should always point the dryer downwards, parallel to your hair.

Dry, split hair is more likely to get tangled. This is why you should trim your ends on a regular basis, about every 6 to 7 weeks, and add some repairing hair oil too.

If you, however, do find a knot despite all the precautions, remember to be gentle to your hair and use your fingers instead of a comb – damage one hair strand now, and it will be causing you a new tangle tomorrow!