fashion birthday cakes

13 totally amazing fashion birthday cakes

These amazing fashion birthday cakes  will take your breath away, we are sure of that! Is there a better combination than including your favorite fashion designer or style on your birthday! These amazing designs just keep you wondering is it possible that a cake can look like that!

Besides that, these adorable fashion birthday cakes can be a great idea for a gift! Can you imagine your favorite purse that you can actually eat? Yes, it sounds funny, but you have to try! It will be a birthday to remember!

Fashion birthday cakes – amazing memory

If you are fan of makeup (and what woman isn’t, let’s be honest), than the birthday cakes with makeup details will makeup your day! You can now take a taste of your mascara or lipstick and enjoy the taste!

For those of us that are in love with famous designers, what would be better than a piece of art that looks exactly like our famous brand? Famous culinary artists made even heels out of sweets, bags and bows! And it all looks stunningly amazing! You will see the amazing drawer full of beautiful fashion details that will leave you speechless!

If you love Channel, than there is a perfect fashion birthday cakes for you with beautiful Channel purse made out of sweet cream and adorable pearls! Or the Channel purse as the whole cake, the famous elegant classic Channel, the favorite choice of many women!

You can pick glamorous pink Fendi if that is your thing! You can choose small cakes for chic effect! Whatever you choose, and even better if it is for a gift, you will have unique birthday cake ever! And a memory for a life time! If the picture speaks thousand words, we shall speak no more and let you look at these amazing creations at our gallery!