Comfortable bedroom needs Make sure your bedroom is dark and cool

7 Items Which You Need to Set A Comfortable Bedroom in 2016

We are all concerned about our daily time, how we spend it, what things have to be done, in what time etc… But, have you ever considered the fact that you spend almost the one third of your life sleeping and we might need a Comfortable Bedroom? In order to properly function, our body and mind need to rest . Scientists claim that the very important processes happen during the sleep: the body is recovering from the daily activities and the mind actually stores and process the information that were collected during the day.

While we are asleep, important functions that restore and rejuvenate the body are doing their job. Especially important things happen that are connected to our memory: during our sleep the long term memory gets reorganized and all the things we have learned during the day find their place in the long-term memory.

The famous psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, said : “The dreams are the royal road to unconscious” , meaning that many important psychological processes are performed while we are sleeping.

After all, we all remember those mornings when we wake up cranky and grumpy because we didn’t have enough sleep or we slept on an uncomfortable bed. So, the Comfortable bedroom is something that is of great importance in our lives! You will certainly want the Comfortable bedroom since the amount of time you will spend in it is actually enormous.

Japanese people have a whole science dealing with the organisation of your space and the flow of energy that affects the daily life of every one of us. It is called  “Feng Shui” and it deals with the positions of the objects in your space like bed or a closet in such a way that you achieve harmony and peace.

There are seven fantastic items which you need to set your Comfortable bedroom in 2016:

Memory foam mattress is something that you really need to have. They are really popular nowadays especially for people that have spine problems or back pain. These mattresses are specifically designed to follow the shape of your body . While asleep, your body will find the best position for itself and this mattress will just be a support to it, making your sleep undisturbed.

Memory foam pillow is the second thing for a Comfortable bedroom that you simply must have! We can all relate to this feeling of pain in your neck after sleeping on a pillow that doesn’t suit your needs. This pillow is made to be the perfect support for your neck. You will feel refreshed after sleeping on a pillow that supports the natural shape and position of your neck- it will gently support you while you are sleeping.

Comfortable bed sheets and sheet-keepers straps that stop the bunching are necessary for a Comfortable bedroom. The sheet-keepers straps are just cool invention that can ease your life: you can now just relax in your bed and everything stays on its place even if you roll on the bed often. The sheets don’t wrap around your legs.

A word of advice for making a Comfortable bedroom is to keep it dark and cool. Our bodies have a biological cycle that is regulated by light and it is called a circadian rhythm. The light affects this rhythm and it determines whether we stay awake or we go to sleep. Keeping your bedroom dark will help you fall asleep due to this biological cycle. Your body will actually receive the information that it should go to sleep and you will ease the whole process for your body by sleeping in a dark room.

House plants are good for your home because they filter the air and oxygenate it. They also add vibrant colors to your space making it a nice place to fall asleep in. Jasmine plants are the plants of choice for a Comfortable bedroom. Jasmine is considered to be a natural sleeping aid. It can decrease your anxiety and improve your mood after awakening.

There is no Comfortable bedroom without a bed humidifier! These devices put the moisture in the air and they help preventing dry skin and chapped lips. They make the air in your bedroom to the optimum level of humidity making it a nice place to be in.

Those seven fantastic items for a Comfortable bedroom  are a must have in 2016!