Face Oils

7 Face Oils To Drastically Improve Your Complexion

Using face oils to achieve fabulous skin is something that you either swear by or never do – there’s no middle. It’s because once you’ve tried them, you realize that you can use face oils to deal with the whole spectrum of skin issues – from the dry, flaky skin and breakouts to greasy complexion.

And while using face oils to heal skin prone to acne seemed blasphemous only until recently, today we’re aware that the rightly chosen oils can actually be beneficial to any type of skin. This, practically new discovery, has made face oils so popular that today there are dozens of oil-based skin products on market to choose from.

To help you choose the right one amongst face oils to fix your complexion, we’ve put together a list containing the seven essential types

Coconut oil is getting increasingly popular every day and is widely used for many different purposes. However, what you perhaps did not know is that the usage of coconut oil performs miracles on dry skin. It serves as a great moisturizer, hydrating sensitive and dry skin while also helping with inflammation, redness, and itchiness.

Argan oil is known to have anti-aging benefits and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients. It’s light, fast-absorbing and very moisturizing.

For oily skin complexion, try out the grapeseed oil – it has properties similar to the natural oils that our skin produces, sending a message to our oil glands that there’s enough oil in the skin and preventing it from producing more.

For combination skin, you should try using jojoba oil, for it helps retain moisture while controlling the oil production at the same time. It is also great for the skin repair.

Tea tree oil is best known for its anti-bacterial aid while calendula oil helps calm sensitive skin and eczema. For the cracked skin and lips, a few drops of olive oil are a perfect solution. It helps exfoliate skin, encourages the repair and prevents premature aging.