drunk conversations

7 Drunk conversations that you had with your friends- hilarious!

Well, it’s a kinda embarrassing! We all know that precious stupid moments of having drunk conversations with our friends!  Oh, boy, these conversations are priceless for the morning after laugh!

drunk conversations with friends bar



Drunk conversations, type 1:

 Telling each other how great you look, despite the fact that you are so drunk, you cannot see each other

“Hey, is my makeup still on? Do I have smudged mascara on my eyes?”

“Nooo, you look perfect!”

And the sad true is that your friend is drunk as hell and didn’t take her contact lenses. But, that you will find out on the pictures, in the morning after. Disaster!

drunk conversations with friends



Drunk conversations, type 2:

Telling your best friend that you actually don’t like her boyfriend  

“I have to, am confess… something…”

“What? Just tell me, you are my best friend”

“I don’t like Steve…he is a jerk and he  is making a fool of you every time”

“And you tell me that now?”

“Well, I didn’t have the heart to tell you…you are so in love with the guy! Sorry!”


Drunk conversations, type 3:

Every man out there is a schmuck, trust me!

“When will I find a normal guy, decent, caring…”

“Every man out there is a schmuck, trust me! Sooner or later, you’ll find out!”

“At least, we have each other…”

“Yes! I love you!”

“I love you too!”


Drunk conversations, type 4:

The decision about texting the guy

“Please, please, just one last time…please, let me text him! I miss him as hell!”

“No and no! Remember you told me to stop you! No way! He should learn his lesson!”

After a few drinks…

“Can I…”

“Ok, go for it! Life is short!”


Drunk conversations, type 5:

Confessing your sins from long past

“You now that time..in the third grade, when you had a crash in Jason… and when he showed up at that party and disappeared?”


“He was with me..actually…in the bathroom…”

Well, who knows the outcome of this conversation!


Drunk conversations, type 6:

Diet after drunk night

“Hey, let’s take a pizza after a party, I am sooo hungry!”

“But, we are on a diet, remember?”

“Oh, let’s be on a diet from tomorrow!”

“Ok! Mmm, that sounds delicious! What do you suggest? That place ‘At Tom’s or ‘Italian’?


Drunk conversations, type 7:

Girl’s night

That crazy moments after promising you would have a girls night without even talking about boys, ending up talking about them for hours.

“Aaa, I still love him..And he is a bastard..”

“I totally agree. And we agreed not to talk about them!”

“But we have to! After what he did, you have to tell me what you think!”



We are sure we all have these funny memories!