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Stop Drinking Immediately

7 Drinks You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

The beverage section shelves inside markets are full of drinks we should probably stop drinking immediately, but how often do we really think about it? Are we even aware of what are those drinks and what harms can they cause?

While many beverage packages are designed and advertised in a way to encourage us to fill our shopping carts with them, there are simply some products that we should avoid in order to preserve our health.

Here are the 7 types of beverage that you should stop drinking immediately.

Fruit juices sold in markets are bad for you. Why? Because they are not actually fruit juices. They contain synthetic flavors, a lot of artificial sugars, food coloring, and preservatives added to prolong their life on shelves. This combination can lead to obesity, diabetes, and even cancer.

Another thing you should stop drinking immediately is sugary coffee products. While you probably don’t bother yourself too much, counting calories for every drink you take, these products can sometimes contain more fat and sugar than a regular meal. Not to mention all the artificial flavors and colors. Same goes for the chocolate drinks (hot chocolate, chocolate shake, chocolate milk and such) and instant coffee.

Flavored waters are actually waters with calories. They can contain a lot of sugar and artificial ingredients, all in an exchange for a poor (or none) nutritional value and a chance of increasing the risk of cancer, kidney failure, diabetes and other health problems. You will also want to avoid sweetened ice tea.

Although quite sure that this doesn’t come as a major surprise, we want to remind you that soda is another drink that you should stop drinking immediately. But if you’re, however, wondering why, here it is: a lot of refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, phosphoric acid – altogether increasing the risk of diabetes, obesity, heart attack, even osteoporosis.

In short, everything that contains too much sugar and artificial ingredients is bad for your body. Make wise choices and stick with the natural drinks and good old water.