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6 Types of Pre Exclusive Relationships To Help You Define Your Own

If you have no idea what the term pre exclusive relationships  means, you’ll be even more surprised when you realize that there are not two or three, but six types of it! See, there is a good reason why your Facebook page features ‘it’s complicated’ option when it comes to defining your relationship status.

Not being single nor in a traditional, exclusive relationship with someone makes it pretty hard to articulate your love status. However, pre exclusive relationships are today more present than ever, and to help you understand the nature of yours, we’re bringing you 11 distinctive types of pre exclusive relationships.

Read what are the types of pre exclusive relationships and determine which one is yours

‘Friends with benefits’ is probably the most popular form of pre-exclusive relationships, thanks to the popular culture. It usually involves two people who consider each other friends, however, engage in regular sex whenever they feel like it. It’s practically a mutual unwritten contract, meaning ‘no strings attached‘.

‘Friends without benefits’ is what you call a relationship in which one person views another as a friend, while the other person wants to take things to an upper level. Friend zone, anyone?

The placeholder is the situation in which one side drops the famous, so many times heard, line: ‘I really like you, but I’m not really looking to be in a relationship at the moment’. Don’t you fall for that – everyone’s always ready for a relationship with the RIGHT person. And something’s obviously not right here.

Ongoing booty call is the name for pre exclusive relationships that base exclusively on sex, and nothing else. This literally means that you don’t want any relationship with the significant someone other than sex.

Sex with an ex, because – why not? After all, you’ve shared many moments like this in the past and know each other well.

Endless flirting best describes the pre exclusive relationships in which the chemistry is obvious to everyone except the couple involved, but none of the pair pulls the trigger to make it official.

#1 Friends with benefits

Pre-Exclusive Relationships


#2 Friends without benefits

Pre-Exclusive Relationships


#3 The placeholder

Pre-Exclusive Relationships

#4 Ongoing booty call

Pre-Exclusive Relationships


#5 Sex with an ex

Pre-Exclusive Relationships


#6 Endless flirting

Pre-Exclusive Relationships