Your Super comfy Clothes

6 Good Tips To Help You Give Up Your Super Comfy Clothes

Your super comfy clothes are feeding your laziness. Period. It’s time to face it.

Being lazy is cool and relaxing until the point when you realize the piles of your laundry are blocking the way to your bathtub and you’ve just canceled your evening socializing plans to watch Netflix with your cat and eat chips.

The chances are that, at this rate, the laziness will take over your wardrobe too. And yes, it’s time to panic.

While your super comfy clothes sometimes equal happiness, learn where to draw a line before you reach the point where all you’re able to find in your closet are sweatpants and oversize baggy sweaters.

None of us really wakes up looking like a glamorous diva. And that’s fine. Sleeping late and aimlessly cruising inside your house wearing your super comfy clothes is also fine. However, taking on the literally effortless look every day can send the world a wrong message about you. Because, no, you’re not that lazy girl. Remember how incredibly awesome you feel every time you try on a new pair of heels. Don’t let those sweatpants win!

Leaving enough space for the lazy girl inside you to chill, make peace with the fierce, fashionable lady you are and don’t forget to experiment with fashion.

Here are a few simple tips to help you ditch your super comfy clothes

Planning ahead is a golden idea – it will spare you scrambling to find something chic and wearable on a sleepy Monday morning. Go through your wardrobe and get rid of everything that doesn’t really flatter your body.

Combine the comfortable and fancy – you’ll end up feeling and looking great! Find inspiration and ideas that you think will fit your style best – blogs are a great source of fashion directions.

Do the laundry! Not only to free the way to your bathtub, but also because it’s just so much easier to put a look together when you have all the options laid before you.

If hobbling in heels is not your thing but you still want to be seen in them, travel in flats, then change your shoes once you’ve reached your destination.

And when you get tired and bored of these, remember that it’s perfectly ok to spend a couple of hours in your favorite super comfy clothes.