Make You Look Older

5 Ways Your Hairstyle Can Make You Look Older

There are many unsuspected ways in which your hairstyle can make you look older. And since looking older doesn’t make anyone happier (except perhaps teenagers), we want to help you find out if that’s the case with your hair.

Let’s be honest, we all sometimes freak out a little at the newly noticed signs of ageing. A hairstyle happens to be a major feature of our overall image and it just happens sometimes that it doesn’t suit us all that well. Perhaps it doesn’t go too well with our facial features, style or personality. Sometimes even the ‘wrong’ hair length can make you look older than you really are. To see if your hairstyle is sabotaging you, keep on reading.

Here are the ways your hairstyle can make you look older.

Too long hair can have the ageing effect on women in their 40-s and above. That’s why the collarbone length is recommended – it seems to be universally flattering by providing the right look for a big number of women despite their age. However, beware of too short hair as well. While it’s difficult to define how short is really too short, keep in mind that the shorter your hair is, the features of your face come more into focus. Therefore, if you’re having insecurities about the wrinkles or a sagging jawline (while you shouldn’t be!), it’s probably the best to stay away from overly short hairstyles.

Stuck with the same hairstyle for a long, long time? Change it! If you’re panicking at a mere thought of a hairstyle change, try with tiny steps. What looked great on you 10 years ago, gets boring a decade later. Be brave and liven up inject some life into that hair!

It’s also possible that the color of your hair and your tan don’t match that well, which can make you look older. As you age, so does your skin, and your skin tone changes slightly. That’s why you should pay special attention to the color of your hair.

If your hair is lacking volume, that can too make you look older. Make sure that you create the volume with a right haircut and styling techniques.