how to avoid nasty arguments

5 ways to avoid nasty arguments with your loved one

If you are in a relationship, you know that discussion and nasty arguments with your partner are sometimes inevitable! And we all know very well that things can get out of control and the people that we love the most can be hurt!

Sometimes, the spoken words can injure the other person so badly that there is no turning back! So, it is very important that we learn how to fight! It may sound funny but it is actually a valuable skill that we all can learn. And unfortunately, they don’t teach us at school! So, we bring you five ways to avoid nasty arguments in a relationship.


Ways to avoid nasty arguments – necessary skills for successful relationship



Many people would say “Of course we listen”, when in fact they don’t! Many disagreements can be avoided if only people would really listen to each other carefully. When a person you love come to you wanting to discuss a problem, you should really try to listen with attention and focus on resolving. If people raise their voices it is a recipe for disaster! Listening is no longer there and discussion turns to an angry battle of who will win with arguments! Instead of that, try to listen to your partner in peace and find some mutual solution together!

how to avoid nasty arguments


Be the real you in a relationship

It is very important to be genuine in a relationship. By expressing who you really are, honestly and truthfully, you will receive the genuine reaction from your loved one. After all, you’ll always be sure that you are loved for who you are, not for some different picture of yourself!

ways to avoid nasty arguments


Try to find solution together and compromise

This is of the utmost importance! When couple faces a problem, the best thing to do is to find a solution that will be good for both! Sometimes, you’ll maybe have to back down, the next time it will be the partner’s turn! But, when you have the solution that you came together with, it is most likely that you will be satisfied with it, both of you!

ways to avoid nasty arguments


Treat your loved one as you would want to be treated

This is maybe the rule number one for every relationship! Treat the other person with respect that you would want to receive! And, of course, what you wouldn’t want to experience yourself, don’t do to the other person!

ways to avoid nasty arguments


Admit when you are wrong

You would be amazed what a simple “I am sorry” can do when it comes to avoiding nasty arguments! Acknowledging that you made a mistake is a good step for reconciliation. The other side will be more prone to calm down and talk when he/she knows that you’ve been sincere admiting your mistake!

ways to avoid nasty arguments


When it comes to the relationships, it’s never easy! We  have to learn the ways to cherish and protect our love even from ourselves!