To Get Rid Of

5 Very Bad Habits To Get Rid Of Right Now

Bad habits are much easier to gain and breed than to get rid of. However, once we’re aware of our little sins that are frequently turning us into our own enemies, with some patience, effort and dedication, we can eventually get rid of them. These are the ones you should definitely eliminate as soon as possible because they are ruining your health and beauty.

Here are the 5 common bad habits to get rid of immediately

Using a same, dull razor for a long, long time is a common unhealthy habit many of us are guilty of. You should keep your blade sharp and store it in a dry place after every use, otherwise, the blade might become rusty and, therefore, increase your chance of a fungal or bacterial infection.

Stockpiling hair products is another bad habit to get rid of. Just like everything else, shampoos too, expire. Keeping them in the shower for longer than a year is very likely to have it change its texture and lose its effect.

Even if your pillowcase hasn’t changed its color or smell, it doesn’t mean it’s still as clean as it was when you put it on. On the contrary, it’s full of ugly bacteria, dirt, sweat, oil and skin cells – an awful combination that is likely to irritate your skin and cause breakouts and blocked pores.

Tons of makeup are not doing you any favor either. Embrace your natural beauty and feel enough confident to work out without makeup, not only because you’re uniquely beautiful exactly the way you are, but also because sweaty makeup is neither cute nor healthy. During workouts, sweat naturally breaks through the pores on your skin. If the layers of makeup are closing the pores, all the sweat mixed with bacteria and makeup will be left trapped inside and cause the blockage. And that’s for sure not what you want.

We need to talk about tanning, too. Yes, the idea of looking like a beach bunny even in the middle of the winter is lovely and exciting, but you simply have to get rid of it. Tan is only a sign that your skin’s already been damaged!