I am addicted to you - 5 Uses Of Spices For Health, Skin & Hair Unveiled 6

5 Uses Of Spices For Health, Skin & Hair Unveiled


Let’s start with the healing benefits of spices

1. cinnamon  Do we not love a dash of cinnamon in our teas , our cakes and cookies or Indian delicacies ? But you know , cinnamon really spice eliminate drug cravings in the body. Spices are also rich in antioxidants, which help fight off the attack of free radicals and also helps the cells of our body to digest as well.  Try a cup of tea with cinnamon to spice house benefits from today



2.nutmeg  Since that time, a festival and something sweet always norm currently nutmeg may help prevent the teeth to receive the cavity , on the other hand, the antioxidants in nutmeg, known to be powerful enough to reduce inflammation , cancer and the growth of tumor cells by controlling dance as free radicals.  Pinch of Spice in any of your facial mask is more than enough to keep your skin safe from harmful UV rays of the sun



3. coriander  To promote hair growth , the use of coriander , known to be very effective. You can consume fresh leaves or have a detox drink all day.


4. Curry Powder

Vitamin C and E for a lot of antioxidants in it, curry powders have the power to fight against the attack of free radicals as nothing else can . Studies show that using curry powder in our diet can help prevent tumor growth approaching and cancer, colon problems and stomach cramps too



5.Thyme  Want more iron in the body ? Iron is important for every inch of the body’s oxygen levels and skin , or the skin would not be boring . More iron thyme possible, and only a teaspoon of it consumed or used as a face pack with milk can help boost the growth of your hair and skin would be too bright !