I am addicted to you - 5 TWISTS ON THE ICONIC WHITE TEE 1


A staple of each lady’s wardrobe, the exemplary white t-shirt is as flexible as it is smoothly chic. Here, 5 squint and-you’ll-miss-them points of interest on the immortal crew neck (and how best to wear them), graciousness of Kit and Ace. (Surprisingly better, each of these redesigned classics is machine washable, considering all the solace with none of the high support upkeep.)


1. High/Low Hemline


A style that is part on the sides with additional length in the back adds a casual tomboy touch to a streamlined look. (The Kit and Ace Court Tee ($78, kitandace.com) is the most effortless approach to fake the ‘Frat Boy Shirt Tuck’ styling trap!)

How to Wear It

Combined with cropped cigarette trousers and high-heeled lower leg booties.


2. Mid-Length Sleeves

Lean toward a bit additional arm coverage? The Kit and Ace Beckett Tee ($78; kitandace.com) skims simply over the elbow. With decreased sleeves that prolong and compliment, this style wears also all alone as it does under an structured blazer.

How to Wear It

Tucked into skinny jeans with a statement belt.


3. Slouchy Fit

Don’t erroneously mistake blousy for boxy. The agreeable Kit and Ace Brighton Tee ($78; kitandace.com) is particularly composed with a larger than usual, ‘borrowed from the boys’ feel to skim over hips and compliment the waist.

How to Wear It

Over a fitted midi skirt with platform heels.


4. Draped Siding

On this not really plain white tee, the devil is in the details. The crossover layers in favor of the Kit and Ace Calvert Tee ($78; kitandace.com) include a touch of fascinating, eye-catching profundity to a generally exemplary style.

How to Wear It

Layered over distressed boyfriend denim with slip-on loafers.


5. A Reverse Deep V

Imagined from behind, this style is all business in the front and a low cut party in the back. The deep V on the Kit and Ace Parker Tee ($88; kitandace.com) highlights the oft-covered nape of the neck. Provocative and unexpected.

How to Wear It

Half-tucked into flared pants (with your hair pulled up, clearly)