Tiny Little Things

5 Tiny Little Things He Always Notices About You

The key to ever-sparkling relationships, as many other things in life, lies in those tiny little things that make us happy because they’re simply special to us.

And there’s no point in denying that you have at least once complained about your darling not noticing a good part of those tiny little things that you find so important, but he just doesn’t seem to notice.

It’s time to stop getting mad at your significant other because there ARE actually some tiny little things he notices about you. Yes, that’s right, they do exist and here we are, listing them for you.


Check what are the 5 tiny little things your darling (almost) always notices about you


1- When you chop off most (or all) of your hair

Just how many times have you come back home from the hair salon excitedly parading your brand new hairstyle in front of your significant other, only to realize that the only reaction you keep getting from him is the persistent questioning glance and a confused smile, for he has no idea what’s going on or if he’s in trouble. Yes, probably many. We all have. However, give them some credit, for they would definitely notice if you one day appear with a bunch of curly hair instead of your regular silky locks, or if you suddenly decide to dye your blonde hair green. It’s (almost) guaranteed they’d notice.

Tiny Little Things



2- When you’re braless

They don’t even need to see it, they just kind of sense it.

Tiny Little Things



3- When you’re wearing new underwear

OK, perhaps he doesn’t know every article of your clothing collection, but be sure he’s pretty familiar with your undergarments. Go ahead and ask him to rank your underwear by which one is the hardest to unclasp using a single hand.

Tiny Little Things



4- Your smile when you’re annoyed with him but also find him funny at the same time

There’s no point in trying to hide that smile and insist on your anger because there’s no way he won’t notice the result of his persistent attempts to cheer you up and win you over again. Most importantly, he won’t give up, either.

Tiny Little Things



5- When you can fill in the details of his stories

Paying attention to tiny little things he shares with you will most definitely not go unnoticed. The fact that you know his favorite movie or an embarrassing childhood memory known to only a few, will most definitely add a sprinkle of happiness to his heart.

Tiny Little Things