Smart Nail Hacks

5 Smart Nail Hacks For Perfect DIY Manicure

This year’s Fashion Week inspired our inner fashion goddesses, but also taught us some smart nail hacks on how to achieve the perfect nail art.

Check out these smart nail hacks from the Fashion Week manicurists

For those girls who like to keep it simple, the classic sheer manicure is a great solution. But, how to get a perfect one? Simple – be cleaning up any imperfections on your nails first. While shiny tops can help you blur any ‘issues’, sheer mattes will only make them stick out. That’s why it’s always a good idea to use a ridge-filling base coat.

If you’re looking for a cute little upgrade for your nails, that is effective yet subtle, try drawing a little gold star on one or more of your nails. You can do this with a help of a striper brush.

One of the smart nail hacks with the most amazing result is definitely the one regarding the perfect French tip. By coloring the tops with two different colors, you can still keep it simple and have the most fashionable captivating nails. This style can be created with the help of paper reinforcements.

If you’re into multi-color nail art but have trouble choosing the hues that work together, you can stick with different tones of the same color – which is very modern right now. For example, you can choose a few tones of purple – starting from the light purple and medium to very dark purple, and combine them into a perfect nail art.

With a few smart nail hacks, even the dark manicure doesn’t have to look messy when done at home. Using tape from both sides of your nail and letting it dry well before you pull it off will help you have the flawless dark, chic manicure.