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the shortest celebrity marriages

5 Shortest Celebrity Marriages that fall apart

We all sometimes make wrong choices regarding our love life, however, this shortest celebrity marriages list brings us the names of the stars who failed big time. Luckily for them, it was the official authorities who did them apart, and not death – as the familiar vows say. With the society progressing technologically, the values symbolizing a unique and dignified unity such as marriage are diminishing. These 5 shortest celebrity marriages are the best example.

The shortest celebrity marriages – wrong choices or something else

Well, we could honestly say that we can blame Vegas for everything! We are all familiar with the famous saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, but that kinda lead us to the conclusion that those celebrity married couples should have stayed in Vegas in order not to fall apart!

Ok, let’s be serious for a moment! There is no solid chance that you would make a wise decision concerning the marriage and the future, when you are in the city of fun and parties. Plus, you can be madly in love in that moment, of course, lots of alcohol, wild days… Some of the celebrity couples did just that.

The famous record of the shortest marriage holds Britney, who married Jason Alexander at Vegas and whose marriage lasted for only 55 hours! Of course, there were examples of claimed insanity, such as the case of Carmen Electra and Danis Rodman. Carmen claimed that she was of unsound mind when she married Denis.

And, there is a good, old cheating as the legitimate reason for a marriage to break apart! That happened to Ali Landry who found out that Mario Lopez was cheating on her during the entire relationship. The marriage lasted two weeks! No wonder about that!

Take a look at these famous couples and find out some juicy details!

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