I am addicted to you - 5 New Netflix Releases to Stream Now 6

5 New Netflix Releases to Stream Now

As you’re weeping over the end of summer, Netflix has swooped in, as usual, to facilitate the pain. Every month the streaming channel presents another swath of films and TV alternatives to keep you and your queue involved when rosé and sun-soaked terraces turn out to be regularly improper. Beneath, we’ve highlighted the five new releases we’re most amped up for this September.

The New Camp Classic: Moonrise Kingdom (Sept. 16)


Wish every one of your days could be spent dancing beachside to “Le Temps de l’Amour”? Signal up Wes Anderson’s 2012 whimsical story of two tween runaways at whatever point you require a summer escape €”paying little respect to the season.

The Buzzy Doc: Keith Richards: Under the Influence (Sept. 18)


From the Oscar-winning documentarian Morgan Neville (20 Feet From Stardom) comes an uncommon look at the life, impacts, and songwriting procedure of the Rolling Stones guitarist. Keith Richards: Under the Influence was filmed while Richards was recording his first solo LP, Cross-eyed Heart, in 23 years. The anticipated album will also be released around the same time as the documentary.

The Film Buff Staple: Lawrence of Arabia: Restored Version (Sept. 1)


In the event that you didn’t get an opportunity to watch the completely restored 1962 film when it was re-released in 2012, now you can see the camel-loaded excellent from the comfort of your own sofa. On account of the reclamation, Peter O’Toole’s puncturing postnatal anxiety never looked better.

The Blast From the Past: Sleepy Hollow (Sept. 1)


Return to Tim Burton’s (seemingly) last incredible Johnny Depp coordinated effort with the nineties spooky staple Sleepy Hollow. In the nick of time to get you in the Halloween soul!

The Guilty Pleasure: The Canyons (Sept. 26)

We know, we know. Why for heaven’s sake would you need to watch the Kickstarter-financed film featuring Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen? In any case, it did yield that acclaimed New York Times article. Furthermore, despite its wretched film industry gives back, The New Yorker gave it a really decent review. Aren’t you at least a bit interested?