Sleep phases and why you wake up tired

5 Important Reasons Why You Wake up Tired Everyday

It can be really frustrating to wake up tired when your only aim while going to bed is to have a good rest so you can wake up refreshed and ready for the new day challenges. However, we often wake up puzzled – how come that after long hours of sleep, we can still wake up tired, sometimes even more tired than we were the previous evening.

Five reasons why you wake up tired


1-Waking up during the wrong phase

Your sleep is made up of cycles consisting of phases that can roughly be described as phases of ‘deep (and very deep) sleep’ (REM stage – in which we see dreams) and phases of ‘light sleep’ (non-REM stages in which the body is getting ready for the deep sleep). Waking up during the REM may leave you feeling groggy and disoriented, so try shooting for waking up during a non-REM phase, for your body will be better prepared for waking up.

2-Poor sleep quality                                                                                      

Regardless of the number of hours you spend sleeping, you can still wake up tired. The main reason for this is the poor quality of sleep that may be caused by many factors: sleeping with a baby or a pet, having caffeinated beverages late at night, too much noise in the background and such.

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Another reason why you may wake up tired is – medication. Some medications tend to cause side effects such as drowsiness that doesn’t go away until the next morning. If you think this might be the case with you, consult your doctor about the dosage or perhaps changing the medicine.

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4-Medical Condition

Certain medical conditions can also disrupt your resting hours. Disorders like sleep apnea and depression may leave you feeling drained of energy and contribute to your exhaustion.

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5-Your body clock

Creating a regular routine and a sleep schedule that suits both your body and lifestyle may help you resolve the problem and help you wake up feeling more vigorous.

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