Growing Out Curly Hair

5 Golden Tips For Growing Out Curly Hair

If you thought growing hair was difficult, try growing out curly hair. With all the centimeters of length getting lost inside curly curls, growing out curly hair can seem like a constant battle in which you have no chance to win.

We girls are really hard to figure out. Honestly, sometimes even we are not sure what we want. One minute all we want is the awesome pixie we just saw on Pinterest, and the next minute we’re craving for the Rapunzel-worthy locks. However, if you couldn’t resist the first whim and are already missing your long strands, don’t give into a hysterical cry.

We’re bringing you 5 practical tips for growing out curly hair. Six, if you count patience

For the start, don’t cut your hair yourself. Leave it to the professionals, no matter how tempted you are to play with those curls and how ‘professional’ your scissors may be. Hair stylists know the tricky secrets of cutting curly hair, which is not quite the same as the straight hair cutting tactic. However, keep in mind that not all the hair stylists are too gifted or experienced when it comes to styling curls, so make sure you make a thorough research before you let any scissors near those curls. Bad haircuts are much more likely to happen with curly hair.

Another important thing to help you while growing out curly hair is to find the right hairstyle. Unfortunately, there is no universal haircut that works with all the curls. There are many important factors to consider: the type of curls, face shape and naturally, your personality. So, no matter how much you like one particular hairstyle, always ask for a second opinion to see if that hairstyle might work for you. Better safe, than sorry! However, what does universally work for all the curls and helps fight the dreaded ‘pyramid hair’ are – layers.

For growing out curly hair that glows with health and shine, there’s another thing you must pay attention to. Keep it healthy! Avoid too much heat and use the hair conditioner that feeds your hair.

Use the right products. Curly girls should stay away from sulfates, parabens and polymers – all of which strip the hair of its natural oils and trigger build-up of the follicle that can slow down that growth. Also, take it easy with the shampoo – use it only when absolutely necessary.

Finally, don’t forget the regular trims – they are a necessary evil while growing out curly hair. Keep your hair healthy and safe from breakage and tangles!