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5 Easy Nail Art Ideas

5 Easy Nail Art Ideas

Tired of the one-tone nails or the same exhausting patterns? You don’t need to be an expert artist to make your nails resemble a perfect work of art! Experiment with some of these straightforward yet astonishing nail art thoughts and individuals will be asking you “What’s the event?”


Easy DIY Dots

Applying spots can be unpleasant and unsteady, yet you can do it with exactness by utilizing a bobby pin. Straightforward dip the round piece of the bobby pin in the paint and begin dotting it!


Blinged-Out Graffiti

This edgy look joins street style with glitz. Begin with a dull base coat, and after that include light swipes of silver and gold paint. Make sure to wipe the metallic paints on the top of the container a couple times before utilizing them so you can see the bristles when you apply.


Grade-A Gradient

Getting an inclination for your nails may appear to be almost inconceivable without expert help, yet you can do it without anyone’s help with only two polish colors, a toothpick, and a sponge! Paint your nails with the lighter shading first. Next, pour the two shines beside each other, and start twirling them together with the toothpick where they meet. At last, dab the sponge straightforwardly down onto the paint a couple times, and after that spot it on your nail, climbing and down somewhat.


No-Hassle Patterns

Put resources into some designed scissors and you will have no issues making any of those edges consummately on your nails. Just utilize the scissors to reduce a bit of tape, connect the tape to your nail, and paint away.


Distraught Splatter

I am addicted to you - 5 Easy Nail Art Ideas

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What could be easier than simply tossing the paint on your nails aimlessly? Get your base coat on, and after that cover the region around your nails with tape. Presently, utilize straws to splatter distinctive shades of paint onto your nails.