5 Clothing Hacks That Can Save Money for You

We make a lot of expenses on our fashion accessories and clothing. Good cloths make us confident. We become more comfortable about our look, and thus we appear more confident as well as charming before others. However, it obviously causes a lot of pocket pinch when it comes to buying new fashionable clothes. Some clothing hacks thus might be very helpful.


Well, in order to cut off your cost for clothing, here are some effective clothing hacks for you


1- De-Pill Your Cloths with Razor

Cloth pills are common, especially when the clothes are washed too many times. You can easily de-pill your cloths and make it completely new and awesome with a razor. This is one of the top clothing hacks that will help your cloths to remain new and usable for a long time.

clothing hacks


2- Sew a Button

Buttons often come off the shirt, and the shirts or tops remain no more usable. You have to sacrifice your most favorite cloths for this reason. Well, this has been the case with you, then simply learn the art of sewing. Sewing is not a tough job, as it seems. So, master this art of clothing hacks.

clothing hacks


3- Knotting a Tie

Ask a man is it difficult to knot a tie? Well, many would say yes! But, actually it should not be that difficult. You need to learn the art of knotting a tie and believe us, it is damn easy. Follow the instructions of image depicted below:

clothing hacks


4- Cover Bleach Stains

When it comes to clothing hacks, covering bleach stains is definitely a difficult thing to do. Well, again, it is not as difficult as it may appear. You can use a sharpie to hide the stain marks easily.

clothing hacks


5- Hair Straightener as Collar Iron

Ironing collar of the shirts is a difficult thing. You need to change your approach to make the job easier. You can simply use a hair straightener for this purpose.

clothing hacks