Your Makeup Routine

5 Awesome Ways To Boost Your Makeup Routine

Your makeup routine is a routine for a reason. Once we find out something that works for us, we usually choose to stay on the safe side by faithfully and unmistakably sticking to it. And it’s totally understandable.

However, if you’ve been thinking about spicing up your makeup routine a bit, but just didn’t know how, we’re bringing you 5 great ideas to inspire you. With the slightest amount of effort, we promise you to see some real refreshing results.

Check out these few simple tips to reform your makeup routine

For example, if you’re usually wearing a black eyeliner, trying adding a streak of color to your lid. Splashing a little color into your makeup routine doesn’t change your routine, just the finish look – which will now be more vivid and unique. Get yourself a colorful eyeliner and start playing with color for a bolder, unique and inviting look.

If the natural blush is a regular part of your make-up routine, try replacing it with the bright pink. Interestingly, electric pink manages to wake up every skin tone, giving it a more fresh, youthful look.

If you base your makeup routine on earthy shadows, it’s time to try out the sexy bronze tones. Adding some glimmer to your eye lids will change the whole effect of your makeup routine – to better.

To enhance your makeup routine, put that boring low-key mascara away. Remember, the bigger and thicker, the better! That’s why you should forget the subtle look and go for dark and chunky lashes that make your eyes seem bigger.

Also, while we all agree that the berry lipstick has its charms, it’s time to try the cocoa-color with some metallic gloss. The brown lip of 1990’s is back and it has only one mission – to make you look gorgeous.