before going blonde

4 Vital Things To Consider Before Going Blonde

Blondes perhaps do have more fun, but you will want to think twice before going blonde. Yes, all those blonde tones look incredibly tempting, and oh, so shiny – silver blonde, platinum blonde, metallic, rose, opal blonde, dirty blonde – but it takes pains to get there.

4 things to know before going blonde

That’s why the first thing you should know before going blonde is that you’re going to spend some good hours in the hair salon. The road to blonde is a long one, but how long exactly depends on the current state and color of your hair. The first step in this process is bleaching out the pigment of your hair then toning and coloring, all of which can take a couple of hours. Thus, don’t forget to take some energy bars with you, you’re going to need them!

Another useful thing to know before going blonde is what every colorist would tell you: don’t wash your hair on the day of coloring (or the night before). Shampooing your hair just before applying bleach will only help irritate your scalp. That’s why it’s best to avoid shampoo for as long as possible before taking the big step, for the coating of your natural protective oil might come in handy.

Before going blonde, make sure you tell your hair stylist about the products you’ve previously used. Believe it or not, many things can affect the bleaching mission – from gloss and toner to the semi-permanent dye that you used 6 months ago and even your medication! No, we’re not kidding.

Another crucial thing you have to prepare yourself for before going blonde is careful home maintenance. Hair that’s been bleached is not only looking drastically different, but it’s also very different in texture. It’s much more fragile and can feel very dry. This is why you need to make sure you stock up on some coconut oil and protein packs before going blonde.