i am addicted to you - 4 Rules for Mastering the Art of French-Girl Style. 1

4 Rules for Mastering the Art of French-Girl Style


Some consider this French style -girl unattainable fantasy. But the key philosophy of decoding a bandage Paris is less than what you are wearing and what people can not see . For example, how the smell of her Chloe Eau de Parfum still lingers in the air long after she left the room accessory invisible. Labels such as romantic, modern , feminine , natural and form the fabric of French attitude – girl, but when both attitude and work clothes together? This can make all the difference. Today, three elegant women – Margo and Jenny , fashion guitar Charlotte, Blair and the Atlantic and the Pacific (which are unrelated to this ) -Share their maximum to mastering French style – girl wherever you are and do what you’re carrying. Keep moving marker



” Find strength in your imperfection I mean all of them fill a lack of confidence with a squeeze of her signature scent Porter so proud . ” – . . . Margo and I



” Less is more , but found that the point and keep mine quickly became a headscarf . ” – Margo and I



” One of the most inspiring things about Parisian culture is the art of leisure , something that the French do not take lightly . Although it is a few minutes out of the way , I’ll find an excuse to walk through my favorite park and take a moment or an hour . “- Margo and I



” Walking through the streets of Paris , it’s hard not to notice the beautiful and impeccably dressed woman walking towards you . As you go , you are hit with as beautiful as her odor. The smell is memory that is a so romantic thought. bottle hidden in his bag is as defining as the heels on her feet. accessory invisible. in Table pale pink , it’s the silver accents on the fragrance bottle shaped classically Chloe Eau de Parfum has quickly become mine . “- Margo and