I am addicted to you - 4 of the finest Matte Liquid Lipsticks that are sure to last from 9 to 5 6

4 of the finest Matte Liquid Lipsticks that are sure to last from 9 to 5


Matte lipstick shades are the new €˜in’. Over the years we have seen matte shades increasing and now there is so much variety to choose from. These colors include black, purple, berry, mauve, and even light colors like pearly whites and light browns. The best thing about matte liquid lipstick is that it lasts really long.

1. Yves Saint Laurent’s €˜Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres’ Glossy Stain In Naughty Mauve ($36)

YSL might be one of the more expensive brands but it definitely lasts the longest. It actually is a 9-5 lipstick and is available in a variety of colors. Yes, you might have to save up a little more if you want to get this lipstick but you will get an equal return as you won’t have to apply it over and over again which won’t finish it anytime soon. Hear this; a single cylinder will last you at least six months. So, in a way, it is actually a good use of your saved up money.

2. Too Faced Melted’s €˜Liquefied Long Wear Lipstick’ ($21)

The melted line has produced some of the top-notch matte liquid lipstick shades. It is without question one of those brands that is affordable without any comprise on the quality. Each of the shade is vivacious, extremely pigmented and have long-lasting competence. The unique thing about melted and which make it stand out from the crowd is that it is actually a little semi-matte. Most matte liquid lipsticks tend to dry up your lips. But this one has a particularly velvety feel which makes it our most wanted too!

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Range ($25)

You all must have heard of Anastasia Beverly Hills for her famous brow products, but the fashionista and creator has now undertaken to lipstick creations as well. It definitely goes without saying that all her products are just superb. The matte liquid lipsticks slide quickly on your lips and are very liquidy. But they do dry up fairly quickly, leaving behind a ravishing matte color. You can literally find any color in this Anastasia’s collection. Happy Looking!

4. Covergirl Out Last All Day Long Lipstick ($9)

This Matte Liquid Lipstick is not only the cheapest but also one of the most amazing matte lipstick in the lot. If you haven’t got a lot of savings but still require a nice shade of matte lipstick, then this is the one for you. It keeps your lips moisturized as it is lasrt lipstick and part lip balm.

I am addicted to you - 4 of the finest Matte Liquid Lipsticks that are sure to last from 9 to 5 5

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